Retro tHEMED illumination

Sygnet signs like to keep up to date with the latest trends in the sign trade and we can fabricate your built up letters and signs with LED bulbs embedded into them whether it be, LED bulbs, Cabochon bulbs or even small push through LED. We keep a large amount of these LED products in stock so that we can offer you a solution to all of your clients requests. Please view the product details below,

LED 24V Festoon bulbs

Globe Types Available - Type A -  45mm Diameter bulb      Type B - 60mm Diameter Globe bulb

Colours Available - Clear, Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, Amber, Cool White, Red

LED 24V Cabochon bulbs 

Bulbs Sizes - E10 and E14 fittings

Colours - Clear Casing, Cool White, Warm White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Purple

LED 9V Push Through bulbs

Size - 9mm push through bulbs

Colours - Cool White, Warm White, Red, Amber, Green, Blue

For more information based on our LED Bulb range then please see our website -