Halo illumination is another very popular form of sign illumination where the LED products will be placed around the return or on the back of the face of the sign to create a glow effect onto the wall or backing panel that the sign is mounted too. This type of illumination is perfect for illuminating the perimeter of aluminium trays or flat faced, shaped built up letters with a vibrant illumination that will enhance the image of the sign.

Which signs can be Halo illuminated?

Built up letters -  Flat faced letters, Shaped letters, Trough letters

Aluminium panels 

Colours of LED Available

Warm White, Daylight White, Cool White

Red, Blue, Green, Amber

RGB - Colour changing

All of our LED products use a 12V system.

We use DAEHAN LED for illuminating our signs which come with a comforting 5 year warranty and are fully IP Rated.

For more information based on our LED range then please see our websites - www.ledsolutions.co.uk and www.daehan.co.uk